Why It’s Not So Easy To Move From A Minimum-wage Job

Asmussen takes job as deputy Labor Minister in new German government

European Central Bank (ECB) executive board member Joerg Asmussen leaves a podium after a news conference in Athens

The number of low-wage jobs those that pay less than $15 an hour increased by more than 3.6 million from the official end of the recession through 2012, the study notes. Unfortunately, the number of jobs paying $15 an hour or more decreased by 4 million during the same time period. This is Americas new, low-wage economy, the studys authors, Ben Henry and Allyson Fredericksen, write. A small, and shrinking, proportion of jobs pay enough for families to make ends meet. The study comes at a crucial time for fast-food workers, as employees at McDonalds ( MCD ), Burger King ( BKW ) and other restaurant chains walked off their jobs earlier this month in protest of low wages. Their goal is to raise their hourly rate to $15, with the average fast-food worker now earning about $9 per At least two dozen demonstrators were arrested in protests against the retail giant Walmart. The protests were organized by a coalition of union,… To be sure, low-paying jobs are often the first to rebound in an economic recovery. Once businesses feel as theyve found more stable footing, they typically start to add higher-paying jobs. Recent data supports the idea that jobs may be returning to higher paying professions.
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Source: Mack Brown fighting for job


More from KY3 Madden’s career high lifts Arkansas in 2nd half Career Planning specialists at Drury University say a steady job market means more opportunities are available for students seeking employment. Additionally, people who graduate in the winter may be able to find a job more easily, as there is a smaller pool of new graduates compared to the spring. Experts say networking and starting the job search months before graduation will further increase the chances of finding a job. “A lot of companies do have budget dollars that may open up for the new year because their budgets are actually being set right now for 2014. So, I always encourage students to think about that,” said Jill Wiggins, director of Career Planning at Drury. Research shows degrees in business, engineering, and computer science are the most in demand for 2013-2014.
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Find a job with Journal-News: Want a manufacturing job? Get this credential

More than 20 Cincinnati-area manufacturers are known to have hired workers that have completed training and been certified. Employers that recognize the certification and have hired people with it include General Electric, United Performance Metals, ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, AK Steel Corp., MillerCoors Brewery and others, according to the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board. Some companies, including Hamiltons Tipco Punch, will at least guarantee an interview to applicants that can list Certified Production Technician on their resume. To be certified in production, students must complete four courses: safety; quality practices and measurement; manufacturing processes and production; and maintenance awareness. The classes teach entry-level, standardized skills to help people find jobs in the industry.
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Stock Market Jumps After Strong Jobs Report

“I’ll be stepping down soon as a member of the ECB Executive Board. The reasons for this step are purely private, having to do with my family situation.” He added: “It’s just not possible in the long run to reconcile having a position based in Frankfurt, with frequent business trips, and having my family and especially my two very young children in Berlin. There is definitely no other reason.” Asmussen succeeded Juergen Stark, who stepped down from the ECB board in a row over its bond-buying program. Alongside Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, but with perhaps less tenacity, Asmussen at times criticized the ECB’s expansive policies. Both defended the ECB’s last interest rate cut in November as justified, however. ECB President Mario Draghi said Asmussen will be missed. “Joerg Asmussen has been a tremendous help in shaping the monetary policy in the past two years while successfully addressing many other challenges,” Draghi said in a statement.
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Job outlook for recent college grads is good, experts say

However, Brown was “enraged” when the news leaked to the media, and he decided to change course, according to the source. sc Brown closed his annual team banquet Friday night without addressing his future with the Longhorns. Afterward, however, he spoke with ESPN’s Holly Rowe to dispute reports about his state of mind. “ESPN has had the story wrong,” Brown said. “Everybody just needs to slow down. I have a good relationship with my bosses, Bill Powers and Steve Patterson, and I look forward to making the best decision (about my future).” Multiple sources tell ESPN’s Holly Rowe that the decsion on Brown’s job status is his alone and he has the support of Powers and Patterson.
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“It’s refreshing to see the markets react positively, because we’ve been in a mode for so long of ‘good news is bad news.'” Employers added 203,000 jobs last month after adding 200,000 in October, the Labor Department announced before the U.S. stock market opened on Friday. November’s job gain helped lower the unemployment rate to 7 percent from 7.3 percent in October. Stocks jumped at the open and moved higher throughout the day. The Dow Jones industrial average rose by as much as 200 points in early afternoon trading before easing back slightly before the close.
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