Unilever Streamlines Products, Cuts Jobs To Confront World Slowdown

‘These jobs really make the world a worse place’

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Chief Financial Officer Jean-Marc Huet said most brands to be sold will be from Unilever’s food business, which includes Knorr soups and Hellmann’s mayonnaise, rather than the personal care side, which makes Radox soaps, Lux shampoo and Vaseline. Last week, media reports said Ireland’s Kerry Group (KYGa.I) was the leading bidder for Unilever’s Peperami sausage business. Recent deals include the divestments of Skippy peanut butter and Wishbone salad dressings. IMPROVING THE SPREAD Unilever is not just buying and selling brands. It is working to improve its ailing spreads business, which has suffered for years due in part to a consumer perception that margarine is less natural than butter.
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World Remains Glum About Job Prospects

economist at RBC Capital Markets in New York, said that rising incomes stand out as even more important than the job gains. “Wages are strongly driving consumption in this cycle more than any other time. Overall wage gains were the most compelling news in this data,” Porcelli said. The dollar index, which tracks the greenback versus a basket of six currencies, rose 0.05 percent to 80.277. Against the yen, the dollar was last up 1.06 percent at 102.86 yen.
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Australia Offering ‘Best Jobs In World’ Contest

defense company for 10 years fixing broken missiles so they could be launched by the U.S. Army in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Related: Jobs that make the world a worse place Since his job involved ensuring the missiles were accurate and that they would deploy, it became especially difficult to hear about civilians who were killed because a missile missed its intended target or fell into the wrong hands. “I found it depressing when you saw on the nightly news the results of their use — including sometimes on the innocent,” he said. Before joining the defense company, Rob said he was a medic for the Air Force. “[As a medic], I was saving lives, and I could go home and say I’ve done something and kind of added to the world,” he said. “But making missiles and working in bomb factories, you don’t feel like you’re adding to the world by creating peace — you’re thinking, ‘How do I build a better bomb?
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Earning another degree appealed to him, but it would have been financially difficult to put myself through college. Instead, he enrolled in Coursera courses, including one on social network analysis. During the eight-week course he learned how to use the open-source social network analysis program Gephi to construct social network visualizations, among other topics. Farnbach, 34, used a social media map he created for a homework assignment to land his first freelance social media strategy job. That gave me another line in my resume that led to the job I have now, he said. I was able to be strategic about social strategy from day one despite not having a Facebook page. At Black Duck Software , having tech experience trumps how a person received their education. The companys human resources department has recently started emphasizing that we want people with experience through whatever means.
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Employers receptive to hiring IT job candidates with MOOC educations

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Each job comes with a salary package worth $100,000 Australian ($101,000 USD) including living costs. The campaign targets travelers aged 18 and 30, but anyone of any age and from any country can apply, either through Facebook or a dedicated Best Jobs website . The application deadline is April 9, 2013 in the U.S. (April 10 in Australia). Winners will be announced in mid-June, and all six jobs start August 1.
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World stocks rise as U.S. jobs data boosts taper talk

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange December 6, 2013. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Lastly, many of the most job-optimistic nations had roaring equity markets in 2012. Of the 10 stock markets across the world that posted the highest returns in 2012, four — the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, and Venezuela — were in places where residents were among the most likely in the world to say now is a good time to find a job. Job Pessimism Is Primarily a European Thing European countries — and those that use the euro in particular — dominate the list of places where residents are most pessimistic about the job market. Greece, Italy, and Spain were among the worst places to find a job last year, according to their citizens. In Greece, a country that saw its economy shrink a cumulative 20.1% between 2007 and 2012, residents were nearly unanimous in assessing job prospects as bad (98%). The percentage of Greeks saying it is a bad time to find a job has soared 30 points over that same time span.
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