The Bosses Who’d Love To Give Jobs To Brits – If They Weren’t So Lazy Which Is Why They Hire Hard-grafting Foreigners Who Don’t Have Tattoos Or Pull A Sickie On Day One

Workshy: four British businessmen and women explain why they would love to fill their vacancies with British workers ¿ if only they could find some willing to work

I was gobsmacked by how much easier it was to find good workers if I looked abroad. I started to actively seek out foreign workers myself by advertising on websites in other countries. I havent looked back. They dont hesitate to move here for work. Regardless of the labour involved, for foreign employees its a bit like going on a package holiday. I organise everything, from their bank accounts to their accommodation and they snap up the jobs. I have found staff in Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.
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UK basketball notebook: Calipari making successor’s job extremely difficult

To Randy Noll. He turned 64 on Thursday. … To Terry Mobley. He turns 70 on Monday. … To former Auburn Coach Cliff Ellis.
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‘Let in more migrants for jobs Britons don’t want,’ says Domino’s Pizza boss

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The company opens 45 branches each year, creating 2,500 jobs annually. It sells pizzas worth 530million a year but wants to boost that to more than 1billion by 2023. But the expansion will slow if staff cannot be found. Mr Batchelor said: There are a huge number of jobs at the bottom end of the service industry, and not enough people in the UK who want them. The chain needs more staff to keep up with demand [GETTY] Since the immigration laws were tightened up two or three years ago we are finding it harder and harder to hire staff Lance Batchelor Amid all the concerns about the decline of the high street, were coming back to the high street, opening stores and helping to bring them back to life. But we cant open branches if we cant get the staff. Mr Batchelors comments come weeks before the UK jobs market is thrown open to millions of Romanians and Bulgarians when restrictions on their movement in the EU are lifted on January 1.
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UK legislation: Job boards may commit criminal offence

Board Summit Europe 2013: Evelyne Kalcher follows a presentation

We operate in a free market & we should welcome those who want to come here & work harder AlistairdeKareSilver (@Alistairdks) December 9, 2013 The high street veteran intimated that some Britons didn’t work hard enough to secure themselves a job in a tight labour market. “It’s up to people to decide what they want to do,” he said. “I think there are a lot of people who complain about their lot. Life is tough for everybody at times. ” He added: “I know people will look at me and say ‘It’s alright for you’, but I started off with pretty well nothing. I did a lot of menial jobs when I was young.” Sir Stuart’s comments were backed up by Lance Batchelor, chief executive of Domino’s Pizza, who told the London Evening Standard his company has 1,000 unfilled jobs that Britons won’t apply for. The lack of drivers and cooks was preventing Domino’s from expanding in the UK, he said.
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Stop whining about migrants and get a job, Ocado boss says

Jobg8, the organisers of the conference, were grateful to welcome Kevin Barrow, partner at Osborne Clarke, to introduce the audience to the pitfalls and challenges of the planned new legislation. Kevin Barrow came quickly to the point and addressed the points job boards and exchanges were faced with in 2014: UK regulatory review 2013-4 re job boards and online exchanges Should they be exempted from UK recruitment regulation? What regulations will remain? Cabinet Office initiative re barriers to growth Privacy: US Safe Harbor arrangements will be pulled? Data ownership: ICO comments re social media and recruitment Tax: false self-employment via online exchanges? Kevin Barrow The relevant text from the Chancellors statement is as follows: 1.306 As the next step, Autumn Statement 2013 announces action to prevent employers and employment intermediaries from [disguising] employment as self-employment and thus avoid employment taxes and deny employment rights to their workforce.
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