Hear From The Bosses Who’d Love To Give Jobs To Brits – If They Weren’t So Lazy (which Is Why They Hire Hard-grafting Foreigners Who Don’t Have Tattoos Or Pull A Sickie On Day One)

UK Job Vacancies Hit ’15-Year High’ as Salaries Accelerate

He didnt want to come to work; he just didnt care. It was such a waste of an opportunity. By comparison, foreign workers are grateful they have a job to go to. They dont make excuses, and theyre prepared to put themselves out. We pay them exactly the same: a plumber with us earns upwards from 40 an hour, a heating engineer from 65. They pay the same National Insurance and tax as a UK worker.
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UK basketball notebook: Calipari making successor’s job extremely difficult

Its not just us struggling with this problem finding labour, Mr Batchelor told the Evening Standard. There are a huge number of jobs at the bottom end of the service industry, and not enough people in the UK who want to work for them. Related Articles Domino’s Pizza boss to join Saga 08 Dec 2013 He said rather than oppose the relaxing of rules on migrants from Bulgaria and Romania crossing the border from January 1, this could help the industry. He said he wanted the Government to help to bring staff from outside the UK through a properly vetted system to work at companies like Dominos, rather than potential workers having to have a PHD to do so. Mr Batchelor said Dominos employs 25,000 people in the UK and every year opens 45 new branches creating 2,500 new jobs. He added: Every branch in London is currently operating at less than full capacity because of the problem securing labour.
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Let migrants into UK to take jobs Britons won’t do, says Domino’s chief

Lee Ginsberg and Lance Batchelor, Domino

No, I got the job I want. Calipari called leaving Memphis in 2009 “the hardest decision of his life.” Kentucky represented an opportunity that if not taken could lead to gnawing regret. It’s wearing effect requires a coach who can deal with scrutiny. “You had to have been fired,” Calipari of the prerequisites needed to be UK coach. “You have had to experience the media ripping the crap out of you, and not (be) the golden boy never questioned. Nothing ever happened to you.
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Stop whining about migrants and get a job, Ocado boss says

The research revealed permanent staff vacancies (65.8) saw stronger growth than temporary opportunities (62.6) last month. “Six months ago – after almost five years of pain – most employers were wondering just how real the signs of recovery were,” said Bernard Brown, partner and head of business services at KPMG. “But people have short memories and, if the latest recruitment figures are anything to go by, they may well now be wondering what all the fuss was about.” The report also found growth of permanent staff salaries accelerated further, reaching the strongest rate (59.7) since November 2007. The rise, which represents a 4% jump, means a permanent worker earning 500 per week in October saw their remuneration increase to 520 per week in November – the same employee would have earnt 460 per week in May. In addition, temporary workers and staff on contracts also saw their pay jump as the report’s index hit 55.6 in November, up from 54 the month before. “The fact that our figures show starting salary growth hitting a six year high, combined with continued skill and talent shortages, indicates that we can expect salaries to increase and job fluidity to accelerate into 2014,” said Kevin Green, chief executive officer of the REC.
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UK legislation: Job boards may commit criminal offence

Board Summit Europe 2013: Evelyne Kalcher follows a presentation

The news further supports growing consumer and business confidence that the UK economy is beginning to show signs of a sustained long-term recovery, something that some opinion leaders had previously cast doubt upon. Additionally, a separate report on business trends by accountants BDO backed up growing confidence in the recovering economy by revealing that business confidence grew for a tenth consecutive month and that growth next year would be robust. However, despite the availability of jobs growing, the availability of candidates to fill roles actually fell, although this could be due to a regular trend where the recruitment industry dips during the winter due to employees focus on Christmas as opposed to their careers. Need Advice If you have any questions about borrowing for a mortgage or investing for your future, please contact our financial advisers who will be happy to help.
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Workshy: four British businessmen and women explain why they would love to fill their vacancies with British workers ¿ if only they could find some willing to work

David Cameron has proposed a raft of measures to curb an influx of new workers from those countries including increasing the fine for employers found to be paying less than the minimum wage. The penalty will rise to 20,000 in a bid to discourage companies using migrants as cheap labour. Sir Stuart Rose is spot on about immigration. We operate in a free market & we should welcome those who want to come here & work harder AlistairdeKareSilver (@Alistairdks) December 9, 2013 The high street veteran intimated that some Britons didn’t work hard enough to secure themselves a job in a tight labour market. “It’s up to people to decide what they want to do,” he said. “I think there are a lot of people who complain about their lot. Life is tough for everybody at times.
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Job Vacancy growth at 15-year high

In summary, Barrow pointed out that the planned UK legislation is broadly drafted and contains some exemptions for publications of jobs. However, job boards are subject to these legal obligations. Breach of UK recruitment regulation is a criminal offence. 10/12/2013 at 02:29 […] Jobg8, the organisers of the conference, were grateful to welcome Kevin Barrow, partner at Osborne Clarke, to introduce the audience to the pitfalls and challenges of the planned new legislation. Kevin Barrow came quickly to the point and addressed the points job boards and exchanges were faced with in 2014: UK regulatory review 2013-4 re job boards and online exchanges Should they be exempted from UK recruitment regulation?
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