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compared employment figures published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for hundreds of occupations from May of 2002 and May 2012. In that time, the estimated number of advertising and promotions managers fell by nearly two-thirds. Because of the housing crisis, many occupations in the construction sector were disproportionately hurt, while many manufacturing trades lost jobs due to structural changes in the economy. These are America’s disappearing jobs. According to Martin Kohli, chief regional economist for the BLS, “most of these occupations were concentrated in industries that hemorrhaged jobs during the Great Recession and have not yet bounced back to their job levels of 2002.” This is the case in the construction industry where, according to a 2011 BLS study, 1.5 million jobs were lost from December 2007 to June 2009.
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Big Breaks for Blowjobs: The Dark Underbelly of the Miss USA Pageant

You can help the American economic climate rebound by donating to Create Jobs for U.S.A through the JobRaising Challenge. Use the ultra marathoner in you; join the work production initiative. Together, we could go the distance. Trasie Phan is a social entrepreneur in San Diego, CA. She is the founder of ULTRA University, a firm that holds seminars to show athletes how to take part in ULTRA and Endurance sporting activities.
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Research shows that the private sector fires about 3% of workers annually for poor performance, says John Palguta, former research chief at the federal Merit Systems Protection Board , which handles federal firing disputes. Turnover minimal at federal agencies Federal departments or agencies employing 1,000 or more that had the lowest rates of firing or laying off employees in the year ending Sept. 30, 2010: National Aeronautics and Space Administration 18,671 U.S. Agency for International Development 3,376 Department of Housing and Urban Development 10,041 Source: Office of Personnel Management The 1,800-employee Federal Communications Commission and the 1,200-employee Federal Trade Commission didn’t lay off or fire a single employee last year. The SBA had no layoffs, six firings and 17 deaths in its 4,000-employee workforce. When job security is at a premium, the federal government remains the place to work for those who want to avoid losing a job.
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Hotel construction

“I not intended to be connected with the Miss UNITED STATE brand name,” she claimed with an ironical laugh. Ashleigh uploaded a video to YouTube (below) in hopes of spreading her tale, however nobody seemed to take notice. Rodriguez validated to Jezebel in a telephone job interview that he had actually complied with Ashleigh in his vehicle beyond a Tracy Starbucks in an attempt to educate her ways to be successful in the modeling business. “She told me she would certainly do whatever it takes, and now she’s tossing my support in her face,” he said. He denied that he personally requested a strike work, yet stated that he told Ashleigh he knew of a magazine where “girls could hop on the cover if they do some sort of sexual supports with the people at the publication.” He stated he had offered the exact same alternative to other young women and that at least one had taken him up on his deal and was “doing very well.” “This is character shooting and it’s a self-disgust since I’ve aided a bunch of folks in the past.” he stated. “When a girl says she intends to discover possibilities, I’ll pass the word out.” He said he only contacted Ashleigh since he was under the perception that she couldn’t manage to make it in Miss California UNITED STATE.
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USA Today: Keystone Job Cops

Companies can reduce their costs to hire by posting their jobs to … more Googlyfish enables employers to harness the power of social networking in their recruitment process. Companies can reduce their costs to hire by posting their jobs to networks liked Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and many other networks. Increased job referrals and interest from passive candidates following recruiter’s job channels on these social networks are just two of the benefits to be enjoyed less Have something to say? Join LinkedIn for free to participate in the conversation. When you join, you can comment and post your own discussions. stop the carousel
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But that number is nonetheless dubious. Curtis Brainard has a pretty thorough rundown at ( 1/24/12 ), explaining that the 20,000 figure comes from one estimate provided by TransCanada. Outside evaluations of the likely job numbers look different; the State Department’s estimate is 5,000-6,000, and as Brainard explains: In September, researchers at Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute used the information in the EIS to come up with an estimate that was even more modest. Factoring in the various durations of employment, it calculated that “on-site construction and inspection creates only 5,060-9,250 person-years of employment (1 person-year = 1 person working full time for 1 year). This is equivalent to 2,500-4,650 jobs per year over two years.” The Republican Party wants the Keystone story to be about jobs, jobs and jobs. This is much easier to do when media outlets will print whatever they say without questioning it. Richard Cohen Wowed by Professor Gingrich Newsweek and That Neverending Liberal Media Bias About Peter Hart Activism Director and and Co-producer of CounterSpinPeter Hart is the activism director at FAIR.
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