Ford To Add 5,000 U.s. Jobs, Open Three Global Factories In 2014

Some of these new hires had already been announced. In the past two years, the company has created more than 14,000 jobs in North America alone. More than 80 percent of the new salaried jobs will be technical professionals who work in product development, manufacturing, quality and IT. Its also adding 400 powertrain engineers, one-quarter of them dedicated to hybrid development. Ford is investing $1.1 billion to retool and expand its Kansas City assembly plant for production of the new Transit, which replaces Fords E-series full-size vans. The expansion means the addition of 2,000 jobs, 1,000 of which are new hires.
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The worst job in the world?

“[This job is] wasting peoples’ talents and draining peoples’ lives away. It’s so sad to see what this does to people — you just walk into the office and you can feel the bad attitudes,” he said. Plus, he says, he is often asked to transfer reams of information from other companies — including customer account details — onto clients’ servers without ensuring the accuracy of the data. It isn’t his job to check the data, he says, so the account information he shuffles from file to file could easily contain errors. Many clients are financial companies or retailers, and such mistakes can lead to big problems for customers.
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‘I Have The Best Job In The World’: What It Takes To Be A Taster At The Jack Daniel Distillery

A Steve Jobs presentation doesnt just deliver information. It informs, educates and entertains. When is the last time you had fun watching or delivering a presentation? Steve Jobs has fun every time. His funniest moments are too many to detail here (like the time when he crank-called Starbucks), but one moment stands out for me. During his Macworld keynote in 2007, the slides would not advance. They were stuck. As the problem was being fixed, Jobs told the audience a funny story of a prank that his boyhood pal and co-founder, Steve Wozniak, would play when Jobs was still in high school. It had the audience in stitches and reflected just how cool Jobs performs even when a presentation doesnt go according to plan. There are many components of a Steve Jobs presentation, which is why I wrote an entire book just on his presentation skills. These are elements that I believe anyone can replicate to improve his or her own presentation. But if you want to know why Jobs is considered the worlds most extraordinary and gifted presenter, watch the last two minutes of his presentation 1997. Jobs had just returned to Apple after a 12-year absence. Apple was close to bankruptcy and Jobs had just unveiled some strategic plans to get Apple healthy again. Jobs paused near the end of his presentation and ended this personal and heart-felt observation. You always had to be a little different to buy an Apple computer. When we shipped the Apple II, you had to think differently about computers. Computers were these things you saw in movies, they occupied giant rooms. They werent these things you had on your desktop. You had to think differently because there wasnt any software at the beginning. I think you had to think differently when you bought a Mac. It was a totally different computer and used a totally different part of your brain I think you still have to think differently to buy an Apple computer. I think the people who buy them do think differently; they are the creative spirits in the world. They are the people who are not just out to get a job done, they are out to change the world and they are out to change the world using whatever great tools they can get. And we make tools for those kind of people. I hope what youve seen today are some beginning steps that give you confidence that we, too, are going to think differently and serve the people who have been buying our products since the beginning. Because a lot of times people think theyre crazy; but in that craziness we see genius and those are the people were making tools for. I get goose bumps every time I watch this segment and its the reason Ill miss Steve Jobs the most. I hope in his new role as Apple Chairman that hell continue to provide strategic vision for the company, but I cant imagine that well see as much of him during his new product launches as we did in the past. A blogger recently asked me, Why are you so obsessed with Steve Jobs? Its true that I wrote two books on Steve Jobs and have written countless articles on his leadership skills, so its natural to assume that Im obsessed with him. But the truth is Im not as obsessed with Steve Jobs as Im obsessed with the communication of ideas and I have yet to find someone who can light up a stage like Jobs. Steve Jobs was an extraordinary presenter because he didnt sell productshe sold dreams instead and he inspired the best in all of us. I recently gave a talk to UC Berkeley MBA students entitled The New Rules of Persuasive Presentations. The information shared is based largely on principles I learned from Steve Jobs and others like him. There is no doubt these principles will help you with your next presentation. Here is a 20 minute excerpt taken from that talk.
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‘These jobs really make the world a worse place’

dr evil

Kansas City Assembly Plant will add more than 2,000 jobs more than 1,000 of which are new hires to support high demand for Ford F-150 plus production of the all-new Transit family of commercial vehicles starting next summer. Global growth in jobs and manufacturing In Asia Pacific Africa, Ford sold its 1 millionth vehicle in October. In the third quarter, Ford’s market share in its fastest-growing region increased six-tenths of a percentage point, to 3.7 percent. In China, the company’s market share grew to a record 4.3 percent in the third quarter, up eight-tenths of a percentage point, reflecting very strong sales of Kuga, EcoSport and Focus. “Our strategy in Asia Pacific is to serve our customers with even more One Ford products, and to increase our capacity to provide these great products with manufacturing hubs in China, India and ASEAN,” said Dave Schoch, group vice president and president, Ford Asia Pacific. “With more products, plants and people, in 2014 we will take another significant step in the implementation of our Asia Pacific growth plan.” To support the onslaught of new products, Ford will open three new manufacturing facilities two of them in Asia Pacific and one in South America.
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Steve Jobs: The World’s Most Inspiring Communicator

June 20, 2011 at 3:16 am | brown Not to worry, the big war is coming soon. There will be plenty of work burying the dead. June 20, 2011 at 6:09 am | Sarah Beth Mr. Hamburger, If she were not a white women- would it be any less racist? The job is for a hangman. The job description includes the ability to tie a knot.
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Ford to Drive Growth in 2014 with Additional Jobs, Three New Worldwide Plants and 23 Global Product Launches

“Every Friday we go into a room and there will be three glasses on a table. Each glass has a little cover over so you slide that off and smell the aroma of the whiskey. You have to pick out the whiskey that is unlike the other two. See, one whiskey sample is taken from a different barrel. We are tasting to make sure that our product is consistent year-to-year. So we taste forconsistency and quality control.” “Now, if you are tasting Single Barrel like I do it’s a little different. You’ll go in a room and there may be 50 glasses on the table.
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