Bogus Economic Jobs Report – We have actually Seen This Before

Western financial experts constantly question the economic numbers coming out of China specifying; we cannot trust the information. And considering that this is a known truth, why bother gathering the numbers in the first place?

There was a fascinating article released on the AP (Associated Press) on December 6, 2013 labelled; “Solid United States task development cuts unemployment to 7 pct,” by Christopher S. Rugaber makinged me question why the financial investment neighborhood tolerates these fake tasks numbers. Let’s talk shall we?

If the tasks numbers are so good, then why is the President calling on Congress to extend unemployment benefits? Why is the President so busy taken part in training warfare, and handing out more money to everyone. If unemployment is so low, why do not people just go out and get tasks?

Well, if those phony unemployment numbers were genuine we wouldn’t need to raise minimum wage as the President proclaims due to the fact that the free enterprise would repair the issue on its own, thus it would be a moot point. And if the unemployment numbers are real then it indicates that some driver simply do not wish to work, and if so, why pay them not to? You see, the argument is as phony as the unemployment numbers.

Still, why are these unemployment numbers looking so great right now? Out in California the jobless filings are up by 8,000 not down as the numbers by the Federal Government recommend – so someone is fudging the numbers.

What’s going on below? Well, it’s like this. If driver are working or not, the United States Census employs 1000s of driver to go door-to-door to discover out. They ask things like; “Have you worked in the last 30-days” which consists of childcare, tasks, eBay sales, etc. and I expect if they knock on someone’s door and they are not house in the middle of the day, then the Census worker assumes; “Hey they must be working,” however that’s a stretch since they can be sitting in Starbucks or at the grocery establishment spending their food stamps.

What I am saying is this;.

1.) The economy isn’t really succeeding, and the reason is due to the fact that of the Obama Administration’s economic policies – thus, we should not let them add to the damage they’ve currently done.

– OR -.

2.) This Administration is professing incorrect economic numbers to gain political capital due to their dismal roll-out of ObamaCare and they are trying everything they can to make positive information.

I think it is the latter, since their actions, news release and data don’t jive with truth. Please think about all this and assume on it.

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