7 Fastest-growing Jobs In America

Jobs in post-recession USA demand multiple skills

These employees might not visit patients’ homes daily like the home health aids do, but they still help meet patients’ personal care needs. Together, personal care aids and home health aides are projected to add nearly a half million jobs through 2017, and they are gaining significance as the population ages and more assistance is needed. The average personal care aid makes around $9.77 an hour, and about 1,334,313 workers currently hold the position. That number will increase to 1,608,211 by 2017, reflecting a 21% change. 2.
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Call-center representatives who used to just answer questions or complaints are now trained to sell products or investigate problems. Many human resources managers are doing more than providing benefits information and running company picnics they’re often revamping entire departments, saving firms the cost of hiring consultants. And engineers often must have the financial acumen to figure the profit margins of their jobs and pick materials accordingly, says David Smith , a managing director for Accenture. While GM began cross-training and rotating workers at its White Marsh plant when it opened 10 years ago, other GM factories have adopted the system in recent years, says GM spokeswoman Kim Carpenter. The shift is one reason many employers say they can’t find skilled workers despite 9.1% unemployment. Forty percent of firms planning to hire have had job openings at least six months, according to a survey released last month by McKinsey Global Institute.
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Made in USA: Overseas jobs come home

A worker building an ATM at NCR

Take our quiz to find out! Well, its got a lot of things in it. The actual report is some 40 pages of data. But heres our guide to a trick (or two) that will help you make sense of the numbers and sound like an expert to boot. Well start with Friday’s report on Novembers job situation.
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Unemployment rate drops: how to read Friday’s jobs report

The machines had previously been built overseas. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — It’s still only a trickle compared to the flood of jobs that America lost to overseas outsourcing in recent decades. But some American businesses are bringing jobs home again. In Louisville, a closed General Electric ( GE , Fortune 500 ) appliance plant is being renovated to begin producing water heaters. An existing plant in the same complex will start making refrigerators.
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Workers Gone Missing In The USA, Jobs Report Not Reassuring

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If you look at the numbers outside of those reported by the US BLS, you can see his point. Since November 2012, the US population of eligible workers over 16 anni, not including those incarcerated and so out of the workforce, has risen by 2.4-M people. Yet, the US labor force is smaller by 25,000 during that same period. US eligible population for workforce 11/12 to 11/13: +2.4-M US Workforce 11/12: 155,319. 11/13: 155294 Summary One month does not make a trend. Non-farm payrolls (NFP) were only remarkable because they were supposed to be so bad, they were less than the October original read of 204-K. Participation At 63.0% it only recovered 50% of where it was in September before the October fall.
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